2020 New Silicone Tongue Scraper

$20.50 $12.75

Silicone Tongue Cleaner, Fresh Mouth


  • 100% brand new quality, silicone tongue scraper
  • Food-grade silicone, special soft rubber head, does not hurt the tongue
  • Double-sided design, tongue scraping on side A, tongue brushing on side B, dual-purpose design, fast cleaning,
  • Comfortable grip, non-slip concave design, ergonomic design, easy to use!
  • Simplification design, high performance! Food grade material, two-side use, Tongue tip arc-shaped design.


  • Product name: Tongue scraper
  • Product material: Silicone PS handle, TPR brush head
  • Product size: total length: 13.7CM*2.6CM (scraping head)
  • Product capacity: 1 stick, product net weight: 6.2g, gross weight: 15.2g
  • Product packaging: blister, color cardboard or customized
  • Product efficacy: clean tongue coating, double-sided structure, double-effect cleaning
  • Product Color: Pink, Blue

Package Included:

1**Tongue cleaner



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